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George Kendall, Spy and a founder of Jamestown, Virginia

George Kendall, Spy and a Founder of Jamestown, Virginia

In my article ‘Richard the Third’s Secretary of State’, I conclude that a son of Jean de Foix, Earl of Kendal, was left in England as surety for him, and to start a new family line based in England. I give a great number of reasons to support this. I further concluded that this son was John Kendall, King Richard’s Secretary of State, and that he in turn had at least one son, called Thomas Kendall, who survived into the reign of King Henry VIII.

If my conclusions as to the parentage of John Kendall are correct, then I expected to find subsequent Kendalls that had contact with France, and hence were probably also used for intelligence purposes. This in turn meant that they would probably have some court or government contact. Given the de Foix family’s consistent loyalty to England and its Kings, I expected to see a high degree of trust and access to those in power.

In this article I track the probable continuity to George Kendall, spy, and a founder of Jamestown, Virginia. I suggest too that it was him or a brother that was on the Roanoke expedition in 1585.

In early 1559, ‘The Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis’, which brought to an end France’s war with the Hapsburgs, required the presence of French hostages in London to secure the French King’s (Henri II) adherence to the treaty terms. These hostages included Germain-Gaston de Foix-Gurcon (Marquis de Trans) and his cousin Frederic de Foix-Candalle. If my track of the English Kendall descendants of Jean de Foix is correct, then these were their French cousins. Their family were originally Grailly who had changed their name following a marriage to the de Foix heiress. There had also been an English Grelley line that had become extinct in 1314, with the family of West, De La Warr inheriting most of the very substantial Grelley estate.



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