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George Kendall, Spy and a founder of Jamestown, Virginia

Worthy of mention here are Ambrose and Mary Dudley, Robert’s siblings. Ambrose had shared nine months in the Tower with his brothers, and with them fought for King Philip at St Quentin. In 1560 he was made ‘Master of Ordinance’ and became an expert in matters related thereto. Subsequently when Elizabeth finally sent troops to assist the Huguenot forces in France under the Treaty of Richmond, it was Ambrose who was given the Command; landing there, he sought to hold Le Havre against the forces of the Duc de Guise. A shortage of men and the Plague forced a return to England. From that point Elizabeth assumed a defensive policy, conserving men and finance. Both Ambrose and Robert sought to defend and extend the protestant religion. In 1565 Ambrose was created Baron Lisle and Earl of Warwick. He also that year married Anne Russell daughter of Francis Russell, Earl of Bedford (Tree 1).

Mary Dudley had married Henry Sidney who was made Lord Deputy of Ireland in 1565, and until 1578 he was directly involved in Irish affairs. He was an effective administrator but had to deal ruthlessly with a series of rebellions. Their daughter Mary Sidney, who married Henry Herbert, had received an excellent education and was a patron of arts and learning, encouraging many of the leading writers of that time. The following is the epitaph written by William Browne, (a descendent of John Neville and Isabel Inglodesthorpe – Isabel married secondly Sir William Norreys as above) to her:

Underneath this sable herse
Lies the subject of all verse
Sidney’s sister, Pembroke’s mother –
Died! Ere thou kill’st such another
Fair, and Good, and learned as Shee,
Time will throw his dart at thee.

Her brother Philip Sidney fought in Flanders with Robert Dudley in 1586, and although he was an author and poet of increasing renown, he was not without courage on the field of battle.



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