Anglo-French Relations The Cloak of Secrecy A personal voyage of detection

George Kendall, Spy and a founder of Jamestown, Virginia
  1. For seven years I followed her conquering hand in the Low Countries, where I found discipline beget courage.
  2. My eldest brother was slain there in the last battle, and I have been hurt five times.
  3. My father was made weak by tedious suits in law, overmastered by greatness and not by justice; also to recover some evidences which my brother lost in the Low Countries.
  4. To procure patronage of my just cause, and it may be to give you satisfaction in the truth of the lands of Roos of Routh, to which I shall find a pedigree, that will prove me last sole heir, and a distinguishment of the Roos lands of Inglethorpe, wherein Peter Roos, a lawyer of the Temple, hopes to have a share with the young Lord Roos, and for that purpose daily takes out exemplifications.
  5. Having been a suitor with Mr Honeyman and many citizens for the reviving of the Artillery Yard, to gain your patronage for despatch thereof, which consists of getting her Majesty’s hand, as also the place at my return. Could I take a better means than this, for the honour of God, my country, and cause, to gain patronage and merit of preferment, and be a strong supporter of a declining house? I must entreat means to give away a rapier, a scarf, a pike, or such like, to gain friendship, and not to be pinched by scarcity, which is as ill a companion to a soldier as excess. If either my brother’s death in service, my own employment, or my younger brother’s service, who had been a lieutenant four years and is now at Lough Foyle (Londonderry) in Ireland, may deserve commiseration, I hope (after this storm is past) some of us may rise to do more than this for our country. Pray countenance my poor brother Edward Kendall; he follows Lady Warwick, and many times attends you for Lady Bath’s business, but has no knowledge of my application to you.’

This letter gives a great deal of information.

The father was made weak by tedious suits in law – if he was the earlier Henry Kendall, is that why the property in Westminster was sold in 1581? Were these law suits in England or in France?



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