Anglo-French Relations The Cloak of Secrecy A personal voyage of detection

George Kendall, Spy and a founder of Jamestown, Virginia

Because it is interesting and contains a piece of relevant information, I quote the following article from  ‘The Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge’ (Vol 3-4) (1837):

‘We ought not, perhaps, to conclude this article without referring to those hybrids which were supposed to be the offspring engendered between a dog and a bear. Even at the present day there is an inclination to believe in the existence of such animals; nay, it is said that there is a creature now in England to which such a parentage has been attributed. We need hardly observe that it is extremely improbable, to use no stronger term, that two animals differing so widely in their dentition and general structure, in the periods of gestation and in their habits, should produce a mule; and yet whoever reads the following circumstantial account will, we think, come to the conclusion that the animal described and figured by the author was actually seen by him. In the ‘ Histoires Prodigieuses extraictes de plusieurs fameux autheurs, Grecs et Latins, sacrez et prophanes, divisées en cinq Tomes, Le Premier par P. Boaistuau, Tome Premier, Paris, 1582,’ is the description and figure which, by the kindness of a friend, who possesses this curious book, we are enabled to lay before our readers.

‘ Histoire Prodigieuse d’un chien Monstrueux, engendré d’un Ours, et d’une dogue d’Angleterre, observé par l’auteur à Londres, avec plusieurs autres discours mémorables, sur le naturel de cest animal.

‘ Par-ce (lecteur) que ce fut en Angleterre, en la fameuse cité de Lôdres, que i’observay premier le naturel et la figure de cest animal, lequel tu vois icy depeinct, i’ay bien voulu avant qu’en faire plus ample description (pour n’estre accusé d’ingratitude) célébrer la mémoire de ceux desquelz i’ay receu quelque faveur.’ 



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