Anglo-French Relations The Cloak of Secrecy A personal voyage of detection

George Kendall, Spy and a founder of Jamestown, Virginia

It has also been indicated that GK was related to a sponsor of the voyage, Edwin Sandys, and to Cecil himself – this I have not found, although the Roos connection with Cecil was alluded to above and Russell was Sandys’ godfather. It was suggested too that he was related to the Earl of Pembroke (Tree 1 - Herbert). For interest I note that in 1606 Edwin Sandys sold a property known as Stanlake to Thomas Windebank.

Maurice Berkeley and his wife were original stockholders in the first Virginia Company. He was descended from the Berkeleys of Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire. It was his son Charles (Fitzhardinge) who was probably the Correspondent in 1665 for Philibert de Gramont. Charles’ brother William was a Governor of Virginia from 1641-52 and from 1660-77. Their brother John had interests in Carolina and was a co-proprietor from 1664-74 of New Jersey. (I draw attention here to the connections to the Berkeleys that I have recorded in the ‘Richard the Third’ article, for John Kendall, King Richard’s Secretary of State. Also in 1466 William Berkeley had married Elizabeth, daughter of Reginald West (De La Warr).)

There were a lot of interesting people involved in the second Virginia Charter in May 1609, including: Robert Cecil, Thomas Howard (Suffolk) and his son Theophilus, William Herbert (Pembroke), Thomas West (De La Warr), Francis West, Thomas Roe, etc. This charter enlarged the land grants of the first Charter.

The West, De La Warr family were the inheritors of the English Grelley (Grailly), when the last legitimate male member died in 1314. They seem to have maintained contact with the French line. As mentioned above, the Grailly changed their name to de Foix around 1400. When Jean de Foix was captured at the Battle of Northampton 1460, he was holding out in the Tower of London with Lord De La Warr. John Kendall, Secretary to King Richard III, who I propose was Jean de Foix’s son, was a neighbour of the West, De La Warrs, not far from Berkeley Castle. Charles Somerset, who married Elizabeth West, daughter of Thomas West, Lord De La Warr, attended the wedding of Anne Foix-Candalle to the King of Poland in France in 1502.



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