Anglo-French Relations The Cloak of Secrecy A personal voyage of detection

George Kendall, Spy and a founder of Jamestown, Virginia

Then in 1512 a Thomas Kendall went to Calais possibly for trade, possibly for intelligence gathering; here one of the principal commanders was Thomas West, Lord De La Warr, and this was where his son William West had been gathering intelligence. (It was William West’s sister that had married Charles Somerset as above and William’s sister Eleanor, who was mother to Jane Guildford (d1555) who married John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, and whose memorial brass bears the arms of De La Warr and Grelley.)

Another Thomas West was on 20.11.1606 appointed as one of the fourteen-member King’s Council of Virginia. In June 1610 he arrived in Virginia as its first Governor (and Captain-General, both for life. He died 1618). Delaware Bay and the State of Delaware are named for him. Thomas’ father had been one of the bearers of the bier of Sir Philip Sidney in 1587. His mother was Anne Knollys, sister to Lettice (wife of Robert Dudley). His father, had in 1579 sold the Manorial rights to Manchester (inherited from the Grelley family) to John Lacy, a Clothworker (Guild member) and a great host to Queen Elizabeth at his Putney house. His uncles Francis West and Henry Knollys had sailed in the Roanoke expedition. George Percy (1607 voyage) had a daughter Anne who married John West, Thomas’ brother. Their brother Francis was Deputy Governor from 1627-9, and John West was Governor 1635-7.

With that background, we need to step back in time to the Roanoke expedition of 1585, launched under Queen Elizabeth’s patent to Sir Walter Raleigh. A short lived colony was established under Sir Ralph Lane, but this had to be rescued by Francis Drake and returned to England.

In 1998 an excavation team led by Professor David S. Phelps of East Carolina University unearthed a signet ring with a ‘lion passant’ possibly ‘passant guardant’.



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