Anglo-French Relations The Cloak of Secrecy A personal voyage of detection

George Kendall, Spy and a founder of Jamestown, Virginia

Edward Kendall was clearly close to the family to have brought the news of her mother’s death and her Will. Anne Clifford married Richard Sackville, Earl of Dorset in 1608. He was ‘A man of reckless expenditure’ according to Clarendon. Very different was Sackville’s grandfather, Thomas. He was sent to France in 1570-71 to discuss the possible marriage of Queen Elizabeth to the Duc d’Anjou. Not far from Paris he was greeted by Germaine-Gaston de Foix (Marquis de Trans) and the Marquis de Saluces (I am not sure which this was, but the grandmother at that date must have been Marguerite Foix-Candalle), and they then escorted Sackville to Paris (Biographica Britannica V.5 p.3546). There he will have spent time with Paul de Foix. In 1587 he was sent as special Ambassador to the United Provinces (Holland), to deal with issues relating to Robert Dudley’s tenure there, and to sound out the possibility of a peace with Spain. In 1599 he succeeded William Cecil as Lord Treasurer. With Cecil and his son Robert, he was constantly seeking a peace with Spain, and this was eventually achieved in August 1604, where he was a Commissioner at the signing. He died in 1608. He had invested in an iron foundry business and his son Robert had a patent for supplying ordinance.

If Edward Kendall was a de Foix relative, then the Russell and Sackville connections, and their exposure to the French de Foix family, would also represent good reasons for the sponsorship of both Edward and George Kendall. I also have to recall here that Lady Warwick was Ambrose Dudley’s wife. The Dudley’s carried the English Grelley arms incorporated within their own arms. Ambrose Dudley’s sister Catherine was the wife of Henry Hastings, who had the wardship of Henry Kendall in 1567. (Catherine had been a Lady of the Privy Chamber for Queen Elizabeth and died in 1620.) If Edward was related to Henry Kendall then the reason for the sponsorship of him and his brother becomes clearer.

Following Richard Sackville’s death, Anne married in 1630 William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke. Her first major engagement as the latter’s wife was to attend the christening of Prince Charles. She participated in many masques at the court of Queen Anne (of Denmark, wife of King James 1). As well as writing herself, she was a patron to many of the well-known authors of the time. Charles 1 and Henrietta Maria visited Anne and William Herbert almost annually at their country house, Wilton, and it was said to be the King’s favourite place.



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