Anglo-French Relations The Cloak of Secrecy A personal voyage of detection

George Kendall, Spy and a founder of Jamestown, Virginia
  • Anne Clifford’s mother was Margaret Russell and her father-in-law was Thomas Sackville. His contact with France was also extensive – 1571 he was welcomed to Paris by Germaine-Gaston de Foix and his cousin, and then discussed issues relating to marriage proposals for Queen Elizabeth with Paul de Foix; Following that he went to Cambridge with Paul de Foix; in 1587 he was Ambassador to Holland; In 1598 with Robert Cecil to Paris; he worked hard to conclude peace with Spain
  • GK was on the 1606 Virginia voyage and may have been on the 1585 Roanoke expedition – there was a significant involvement in these voyages and the subsequent administration of these territories by the Berkeley and De La Warr families. These two families had direct links to the Grelley/Foix/Kendalls, and the De La Warr had marriage links to most of the above families.

In addition to these facts GK was ‘a Queen’s Scholar at Westminster’ and both he and his brother served and were supported by Robert Cecil. Edward Kendall was subsequently ‘of the household of the Earl of Suffolk’. Sponsorship or connections together with ability and usefulness will have produced these involvements. Finally what were Edward Kendall’s credentials for writing what must have been considered a useful review of the state of France in 1633? He must have spent time there.

At the outset of my search for a Kendall continuity I expected to find Kendalls close to the court, in contact with France, and involved in intelligence matters. This is what I found. More than that Thomas Kendall was referred to as Candalle by two different people.

All these facts represent circumstantial evidence, which individually are not convincing. Taken together however, they would appear to be more than ‘mere chance’. I do not consider the case here proved for the Kendall continuity from King Richard’s Secretary of State, but the probability is high.

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