Anglo-French Relations The Cloak of Secrecy A personal voyage of detection

George Kendall, Spy and a founder of Jamestown, Virginia

Sedistern and Birchan Newton were in 1497 granted by Edmund de la Pole to Elizabeth, Sir Terry’s wife, for her life and the lives of her heirs male with a reversion to Edmund. Hence Robert Dudley might have considered the de Foix ‘kin’. This consideration might have been extended to any English Kendalls related to the de Foix. We will shortly come to a Kendall who was attached to Lady Warwick, the wife of Ambrose Dudley.

At Amy Robsart’s funeral the Queen was represented by Margery Norreys, wife of Henry Norreys, Ambassador to France 1566-70 and descendent of the fortunate Sir William who had married the heiress Isabel Ingoldesthorpe. Interestingly the Norreys had an early connection to the English Grelley who were their landlords at Norris Heaton and other property in Lancashire, and John Norreys had married Isabel de Grelley.

Robert Dudley and his brothers including Ambrose and Guildford, and his sister Mary, were the children of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, and his wife, Jane Guildford. She was the daughter of Edward Guildford and Eleanor West (De La Warr), and Edward had held the wardship of John Dudley (Tree 1). When Thomas De La Warr died in 1554 he left the Oakhanger property to his niece Jane Guildford who passed it on to Ambrose Dudley.

It might seem strange that after 250 years the connection to the English Grelley (through De La Warr) was important, but the fact seems to be that it was. In St Luke’s Church, Chelsea, is a brass for Jane Guildford with her wearing ceremonial robes with heraldic arms including those of West, De La Warr and Grelley.



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