Anglo-French Relations The Cloak of Secrecy A personal voyage of detection

An Instrument of French Foreign Policy: The Secret Treaty of Dover
  • Henry Bennet (CABAL and Treaty signatory) was created Earl of Arlington on 22.4.1672
  • Anthony Ashley Cooper (CABAL) became Earl of Shaftesbury on 23.4.1672
  • John Maitland (CABAL) became Duke of Lauderdale on 2.5.1672
  • George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham although CABAL, was not in the Treaty loop and was not honored at this time
  • 27.4.1672 Antoine III, Duc de Gramont paid the estate of Bernard Duc d’Epernon 422,500 livres for property of Lesparre (one French livre was approx. 1 English shilling – hence this = circa £21,125 – a substantial sum) this was a property to the north-west of Bordeaux at the mouth of the Gironde
  • John Thompson (married Arthur Annesley’s daughter 4.7.1668) was made a baronet 12.12.1673
  • Thompson was at same time in 1673, offered post as Treasurer of the King’s Chamber implying a very high level of trust – he refused it
  • 24.6.1672 Arthur Annesley received an annuity of 3,000L from King Charles, charged to the hereditary Excise, ostensibly for the loss of office as Treasurer of the Navy
  • In April 1673 Arthur Annesley was made Lord Privy Seal – (a post personal to Charles)
  • Madame de Keroualle became Duchess of Portsmouth, Countess of Fareham, and Baroness Petersfield on 19.10.1673
  • Ruvigny was involved with the negotiations between Charles and Louis, but any rewards to him are uncertain
  • Philibert was in 1679 made Lt General of Bearn and appointed in 1687 Governor of pays d’Aunis and La Rochelle (Saintonage), but any direct rewards to him from King Louis are not evident, but one cannot help but note the date of the purchase of the Lesparre property by his brother Antoine


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