Anglo-French Relations The Cloak of Secrecy A personal voyage of detection

An Instrument of French Foreign Policy: The Secret Treaty of Dover

In my book ‘The Cloak of Secrecy’, and in my article ‘Fact or Fiction’ I propose that prior to 1692 Despards were based in England and had a different name and that name was Kendall. I propose too that Kendalls were a cadet line descending from Jean de Foix. This I deduced from Balzac’s clues and the Despard use of arms and crests. If my deductions are correct, then John Despard’s partnership with Richard White, White’s marriage to Margaret Hamilton, her connection to Philibert de Gramont and their trading activity with France, would tie to the de Foix connections and to the de Gramonts. This tie would be closer still if Despards/Kendalls had been involved with the Secret Treaty of Dover funding, for which I believe that it was probable that Philibert was the facilitator. Elizabeth Anne Despard’s marriage to a Thompson would, if she was related to John Thompson, bring Despard/Kendalls a lot closer to the routing of the funds from King Louis to King Charles. For Despard and White to have been granted the use of 6-10,000 acres in south-west Ireland by the Annesley family (closely allied to the Thompsons), and to have operated illicitly and successfully for more than a decade, confidence and trust as well as contacts in France must have been well established some time before this.

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